Storm Fort

We are in the line of some strong storms that are supposed to pass through tonight. This line of storms has already produced deadly tornadoes in other states, and a tornado watch has been issued for our area through 2 a.m. Living in a two-story house with all the bedrooms upstairs and with the wind already rattling the house, I just couldn’t in good conscious put the kids to bed in their rooms. I’m more of a safety first sort of person. So, what do you do when there’s a tornado watch at bedtime???

You build a storm fort!!

storm fort

Building a storm fort is easy. Simply throw a couple of sheets or blankets across the kitchen or dining room table so they hang down to make walls. Then add lots of comfy padding. We used the kids’ tumbling mat as the base and then covered it with a thick quilt.

storm fort

Not only is the storm fort a safer place to be during a bad storm because it’s downstairs, but our table weighs a ton!! I figured it’ll offer at least a bit of protection if the unthinkable happens.

And, from the kids’ perspective, sleeping in the storm fort is pretty fun, too. I suspect they will be too excited to sleep for quite a bit longer than normal. They’re snuggled up under there with quilts, blankets, pillows, flashlights, and a few stuffed animals and I can still hear them talking to each other in happy little voices.

storm fort

I’m totally fine with that because what they AREN’T doing is laying all alone in their rooms listening to the wind howling at their windows, or sleeping in a room upstairs on the side of the house that’s taking the brunt of the wind’s blows. And there’s no crying because they’re not scared. No, the sound I keep hearing is laughter.

storm fort

So I’m okay with a little late night talking. Knowing they’re in a safer place to sleep makes me feel better, and hopefully they won’t even notice the storm raging outside tonight. Maybe this will even be a fun memory that will stick with them for a long time to come: “The night we slept in a fort under the dining room table!”

storm fort

To all of you in the path of this storm tonight, stay safe! And next time you’re worried about the weather at night, keep the storm fort in mind!!

storm fort

P.S. It makes a fun day time play area, too!

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