Slinky Apple Snacks

I almost feel silly writing about our slinky apple snacks as they are so, so simple to make, but the fact that our apple peeler turns literally hundreds of apples each year into snacks my family eagerly devours, I just have to share it in case you haven’t come across this wondrous device yourself.  My kids actually request apples cut with our apple corer for snacks often, and it was only recently that my 5 year old, laughingly called his snack an apple slinky.  The name stuck and now we eat slinky apples often!

Slinky Apple Snacks for Kids Everyone

slinky apple snacks

We first saw an apple peeler/corer in use at the North Carolina State Fair years before having kids.  Being a lover of apples, I knew I had to get one!  The first one we owned was the table clamp style.  It came from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  I don’t really recommend that kind as the clamp is not very variable, but we managed with ours for years.  More recently, we bought the Back to Basics – Peel Away Apple Peeler from Williams Sonoma because we use the thing so much, we really wanted the ease of a suction cup base.  The same brand is sold on Amazon.  I don’t know that the brand you get matters that much, but I do highly recommend the ones with the suction cup base as they are so incredibly simple to use!

To use the apple peeler / corer, basically you suction the apple peeler / corer to the counter, stick an apple on to the end, and turn a handle crank which pushes the apple through a coring blade.  You can choose whether you want your apple peeled or not.  We buy organic apples, so we always leave the skin on, but you have the option either way.  When the apple makes it all the way through the coring blade, it will be cored and spiral cut.  You simply pull it off the end and enjoy.  The core can also be pulled off and thrown away or composted.  It literally takes seconds per apple.  Firm apples work best!

There are so many things we like about our apple corer /slicer:

  • the apple slices are thin and uniform
  • it’s especially time saving if you’re trying to core multiple apples at once
  • the kids love the slinky effect
  • the kids tend to cram less in their mouths as compared to giving them hand-cut apple slices
  • it’s so simple to use, the kids have started coring their own apples (with help and supervision)
  • if you take a slinky apple and cut it into sections, you have uniform chunks for a salad in a hurry!
  • the adults I’ve known who have tried it have been just as hooked as the kids
  • the slices are so thin and crispy, it’s almost like eating apple chips — a fairly different experience than just eating an apple

Do you *need* an apple peeler / corer?  No, certainly not.  But if your family eats lots of apples or if you *want* your kids to eat more apples, then slinky apples ARE lots of fun! 🙂

slinky apple snacks

Have you tried slinky apple snacks?

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  • Jessica says:

    I can’t believe you would feel silly posting this. This is a great idea!!!! I am always looking for the magical ways to present healthy foods that will actually make my toddler eat them, and I think this mightbe the winner! Thank you!!! 🙂