Play Dough Candy Pops for Valentines

play dough candy pops for valentines

My kids love playing with play dough and so I am always looking for fun new activities to encourage their imaginations.  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we tried our hand at making heart shaped play dough candy pops!  They were easy to make and turned out really cute!  Here are our play dough candy pops for Valentines!  We were inspired by Blog Me Mom’s Valentines play dough post.

Play Dough Candy Pops for Valentines

Materials Used:

  • silicone heart molds
  • play dough
  • cake pops / lollipops sticks

To make our candy pops, we used a mix of homemade Mexican chocolate play dough and store bought pink and purple Play-Doh.  Here’s our recipe for homemade Mexican chocolate and Mexican chocolate coffee play dough.  It smells absolutely divine!

We pressed our play dough into the silicone hearts mold.  We found our molds in the Target dollar spot.  It seemed to work the best when we let the play dough sit in the mold for a few minutes before trying to take it out.

Play Dough Candy Pops for Valentines

To remove the hearts, we simply pressed the back of the molds while gently pulling the hearts.  We also shaped them up a bit with our hands if they needed it once we got them out.

The last step was to carefully insert the cake pop stick into the bottom of the heart.

Play Dough Candy Pops for Valentines

Voila!  Play dough candy pops for Valentines!!

Making these candy pops is great for fine motor practice!  And they lend themselves well to pretend play.  I thought they were especially cute displayed in the Play-Doh container.

Play Dough Candy Pops for Valentines

To arrange them, simply put some play dough into the container and stick the candy pop sticks in however you like!

For extra fun, you can add some decorations.  We used some candy heart sprinkles also found in the Target dollar spot, but you could use sequins, beads, glitter, or gems to decorate your candy pops.

These play dough candy pops would make a great addition to a chocolate bake shop pretend play set up!  Have fun and happy Valentine’s Day!!

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