Secret Message Egg Necklace Easter Craft

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Beading is my four year old’s favorite activity lately.  She loves making “beautiful” jewelry for her Mi-Mi and herself, and I love that she is gaining valuable fine motor skills and even simple math practice while she’s doing it.  So I knew she’d love to make a special necklace for an Easter craft, too.  Here’s what we did…

Kids Easter Craft

easter craft

Secret Message Egg Necklace Easter Craft


  • plastic pony beads
  • string or twine
  • a plastic easter egg
  • scrap paper with a “secret” message

easter craft


1. Cut the string long enough to be a necklace on your child (or the intended recipient).

2. Check to see that your plastic Easter egg has two small holes in one end (most do).  If it doesn’t, use a nail and hammer to punch two holes through one end of the plastic egg.

3. Thread the string through one hole in the Easter egg toward the inside of the egg.  With the egg open, pull the string through and thread it back up through the other hole toward the outside of the egg.  Position the egg so that it is in the center of the length of string.  This will be the necklace’s “pendant.”

4. Let your little one string beads onto the strings on each side of the egg.  You can also talk about making patterns and making the patterns symmetrical if you’d like.

easter craft

5. When you have the strings full of beads, tie the two ends together to make a necklace.

6. Slip the secret message into the egg and shut it.

easter craft

Priscilla gets such a kick out of the fact that her necklace holds a secret message.  This would make a fun gift for any child to make for a loved one with a sweet Easter messages inside.  Or maybe the Easter bunny could slip a message (or some candy?!) in it for a fun surprise on Easter morning!

easter craft

What’s your child’s favorite Easter craft?  Check out B-Inspired Mama if you’re looking for some Easter inspiration!


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