Fun with Rainbows: Color & Writing PLAY for Kids

Fun with Rainbows: Color & Writing Play for Kids

It’s St. Patrick’s Bath Week!!  Brought to you by In Lieu of Preschool / Parent Teach Play and Growing a Jeweled Rose / Bath Activities for Kids.

mosaic rainbow art

If you missed our earlier visits from the leprechaun this week, be sure to check out our Tricky Leprechaun Bath and our Mosaic Rainbow Art!

fun with rainbows: color and writing play for kids

Can you believe that tricky leprechaun came back for a 3rd bath time this week??

fun with rainbows: color & writing play for kids!

This time he left a secret message floating in the bath for the kids and we had so much fun with rainbows!

fun with rainbows: colors and writing play for kids

To uncover the secret message, first the kids had to do some rainbow writing by tracing over the words in multiple colors.

rainbow writing

In my experience, tracing isn’t very exciting, but if you call it RAINBOW WRITING and the kids get to use multiple pretty colors to trace the letters, they will do it multiple times eagerly.

rainbow bath for kids

It’s one simple way to make learning FUN!

rainbow writing

So both kids traced the letters of the words left by the leprechaun several times using bath crayons.

rainbow write

Once they had all the words completed, the kids stuck them on the wall of the tub, but the sentence didn’t make any sense.

Since the bath time was focused on RAINBOWS, we tried putting the words in rainbow color order…

teaching rainbow color order

…and suddenly we had decoded the leprechaun’s secret message: “Happy St. Patrick’s Day from your friend.”   The kids LOVED it!!

After the decoding was done, the kids simply had fun playing with all the rainbow items in the orange colored and orange-scented water!!


I have it on strictest authority the leprechaun used orange extract to add the scent and food coloring for the color! 😉

fun with rainbows: colors and writing play for kids

So, in the end, that tricky leprechaun became our friend.  The rainbow secret message bath was the last time we saw our new friend.  Maybe he’ll come back to visit next St. Patrick’s Day!!

rainbow bath time for kids

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  • Tiffny says:

    Love that you used ROYGBIV colors. So many preschoolers still only learn purple and not indigo and violet.

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