20 Easter Basket Alternatives

The Easter Basket is a yearly tradition for many, but who says it always has to be a BASKET???  Try one of these creative Easter basket alternatives this year to break the mold.  The alternative to the Easter basket can actually be part of the gift itself and might even inspire you to feature a whole theme!

20 Easter Basket Alternatives

easter basket alternatives

1.  Flower Pot or Watering Can – Go for a gardening theme with tools, gloves, flower bulbs, and seed packets.  Here’s an example of an Easter Flower Pot in place of a traditional basket.  Another idea would be to put together the supplies for your child to make their own rainbow flower pot.

2.  Sand Bucket – Get ready for the upcoming summer by filling the sand bucket with shovels, sand castle molds, sand trucks, and a new swim suit.  Or if you hit the pool more than the beach, skip the sand toys and go for dive sticks and goggles.

3.  Bilibo or Bilibo mini

4.  Dump Truck

5.  Purse or Tote

6.  Fishing Tackle Box – Excite your future fisherman with a rod and reel, fishing tackle, some goldfish crackers, and gummy worms.

7.  Sports Helmet (football, baseball, or bike helmet)

8.  Mixing Bowl — Inspire a budding chef with their own mixing bowl filled with a spatula, mixing spoon, whisk, silicone cupcake liners, apron, and a few key ingredients for making cookies or cupcakes.

9.  Backpack — Go for a school themed “basket” by filling a backpack with pencils, paper, crayons, and an apple…for the teacher, of course.

10.  Library Bag — Personalize a canvas bag with your child’s name and jump start their new library bag with a few Easter-themed books.

11.  Toolbox — Whether you use a real toolbox with real tools, or one designed for little kids, this is sure to be a big hit with your little builder!  Here’s a pretend set in girl colors.

12.  Jewelry Box — I’ve always loved the ballerina jewelry boxes and think it’d be so sweet filled with a few real pieces of jewelry as well as a candy necklace and a ring pop.

13.  Shower or Storage Caddy — Prepare for some bath fun by filling a shower caddy with some bath crayons, a bath mitt puppet, and some rubber ducks.

14.  Fish Bowl or Terrarium — Get everything ready for introducing a new pet.  Set up a fish bowl or terrarium with new pet supplies as well as some goldfish crackers for the child, and a gift card for picking out a new fish, lizard, or frog from the pet store….or go the stuffed animal route for a pet that can survive any childhood!

15.  Paint Bucket — Use a new paint bucket to hold art supplies for your little artist — colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, paints, markers, origami paper, and glue sticks.

16.  Grocery Basket — This will be so cute filled with a mix of play food and real food treats.

17.  Wagon

18.  Baby Doll Stroller

19.  Baseball Glove — A baseball or two, some baseball socks, and some Big League Chew in a baseball mitt would be just darling!

20.  Big brimmed hat — Whether you go with a bucket, cowboy, sun, or straw hat, this one is sure to be lots of fun!!

What other items would make great Easter basket alternatives???

If you have a photo of an alternative Easter basket that you would let me share in this post, or a link to one on your site, let me know and I’d be happy to add it in!

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  • Mrs.DaisyCakes says:

    n upside down umberella hung by fishing line from the ceiling filled with your favorite Easter goodies is always a cute idea… And kids love the “floating” look!

  • Amanda says:

    Great ideas way better them cheap easter baskets