Play Paleontologist: Dinosaur Bones Sensory Bin

If your kids like dinosaurs and playing pretend, they’ll LOVE playing paleontologist!  I created a dinosaur bones sensory bin and my two had a blast pretending to be scientists while hunting for dino bones.  This is great fun anytime for a dinosaur lover, and it also makes a great go-along activity to a science unit on dinosaurs or fossils.

Dinosaur Bones Sensory Bin

dinosaur bones sensory bin

We set up our sensory bin in our homemade sand and water table that we moved indoors for the winter.  Right now it has sand in it, so that’s what we used for our sensory material.

dinosaur bones sensory bin

The dinosaur bone fossil skulls are toys made by Safari.

dinosaur bones sensory bin

All I had to do was open up the Toob

dinosaur bones sensory bin

and bury the fossils for the kids to find.

dinosaur bones sensory bin

I supplied two paint brushes for the kids to use to gently excavate the fossils.

dinosaur bones sensory bin

We spent awhile talking about paleontology and what paleontologists do when they hunt for fossils.  Then the kids started hunting!

dinosaur bones sensory bin

I loved how they used their hands to dig in the sand until they felt a fossil, and then carefully used their brush to clean the sand away from the bones like a real paleontologist.

dinosaur bones sensory bin

After the kids had recovered all the toys, they carefully arranged them on top of a hill of sand, saying they were setting up a museum for people to come view the dinosaur bones on display.  They even added a few little plastic people figurines who walked around looking at all the dinosaur skulls.

The day after we did our dinosaur bones sensory bin, I came across a dinosaur fossil bin by Play Create Explore using the same fossils we used, but a different sensory material, and with ideas for other educational activities.  Be sure to see her post, too, so that you can have multiple ways to use your dinosaur fossil toys!

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  • We love Safari Ltd. play pieces. This is a really cool set.

  • I absolutely love this! Pinned to my dinosaur board for future reference – thanks for sharing!

  • Blayne says:

    This is awesome!!! I always wanted to be a paleontologist as a kid. This is such a fun activity. These dinosaur fossil pieces are really neat and I’m sure provided tons of fun for your kids. I can’t wait to do an activity like this in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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