Coconut Scented Writing Tray for Kids

Do you remember that coconut L&L’s Oma brought for us?  Well, it just keeps giving and giving.  Who knew one coconut could equal so much fun and learning??  Today we’re sharing the coconut scented writing tray for kids we made!!  It is so fun to use for writing and drawing practice and it smells so good!


To make the coconut scented writing tray was quite simple.  After we had extracted the white coconut meat from the fresh coconut — you can learn all about fresh coconuts in Introducing Kids to Coconut — and after we had eaten all of the fresh coconut we wanted, my husband juiced the remaining fresh coconut meat to make coconut milk.

To make coconut milk, he first blended the remaining fresh coconut meat to make a thick paste, and then he ran the paste through our juicer.  We enjoyed some delicious coconut milk to drink, and simply set aside the remaining white pulp that came out of the juicer.  The pulp wasn’t completely white since the fresh coconut meat retains bits of brown from the shell which is fine to eat, but is typically removed in commercially available coconut products to make them bright white.  You can take the time to remove the brown if desired.

The pulp was already pretty dry coming out of the juicer, but I let it sit out for a day or two to dry out some more.  I occasionally stirred it around to prevent any moist areas from sitting too long and starting to grow mold.  When the pulp was completely dry, I simply dumped it into a colored plastic tray.  This particular tray is a drawer from my craft cart; we are always using these drawers for other purposes like this indoor sandbox.  


The kids love to write and draw with their fingers in the coconut.  While the coconut doesn’t smell strongly just sitting in the container, it does give off a very pleasant coconut scent when it is stirred around, so as the kids write, they get the added bonus of a tropical smell wafting from the container to motivate them to keep writing!


Writing trays are so easy to make and are great for beginning writers as well as reluctant ones.  They are great for practicing individual letters as well as words.  You can use writing trays for drawing, writing, and even spelling word practice and review.


In addition to coconut meat pulp, you can make writing trays using salt, corn meal, sand, or any other loose material you might have on hand.  If you don’t have a fresh coconut on hand, you can probably get similar results by grinding up dried coconut flakes from the grocery store.

The coconut writing tray is especially good for young children as the coconut is all natural and completely edible.

Writing trays are equally useful in the classroom and at home!  I highly suggest making one for your kids! 🙂


Other coconut activities for kids:

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  • I love this idea! I have tons of dried coconut at home – not as good as drying the pulp like you did, but I’m sure it’d be a hit!

  • fspdt says:

    i have been wanting to try a writing tray with my oldest. this looks like a lot of fun to use coconut. sharing

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