Chocolate Play Dough Activities

We have been baking up a storm for Valentine’s Day…well, pretend cooking that is!!!  I may not be much of a real chef, but I can whip up some mean play dough treats!!  My kids enjoy it, too!  ;)

Chocolate Play Dough Activities

I wanted to share with you all the fun chocolate play dough activities we’ve been crafting so you can also set up an amazing chocolate bake shop for your kids or students!  The cool part is that these activities can be adapted for toddlers and preschoolers, but are intricate and artsy enough to appeal to much older kids, too!  Adults, feel free to join in with the kids on these creations because they’re really fun…and somewhat addictive if I do say so myself!!

We started by making up a recipe for homemade Mexican Chocolate and Mexican Chocolate Coffee play dough.

Chocolate Play Dough Activities

I can vouch that this play dough has lasted four months since we made it so far and it is still the most moldable and best smelling play dough we’ve ever used!!  If you want a good laugh, be sure to scroll to the end of the post to see what happened the first time my daughter used it.  #epicfail  But other than the potential you could end up with THAT on your hands — the accidental pun here made me giggle! — it really is the most awesome play dough ever!

Using our Mexican chocolate play dough, the first Valentine’s chocolates we made were these Play Dough Chocolates for Valentines in a heart-shaped box:

Chocolate Play Dough Activities

Next, we made Play Dough Candy Pops for Valentines using heart molds and cake pop sticks:

Chocolate Play Dough Activities

 And finally, we made Fancy Chocolate Cupcakes for Valentine’s Play:

Chocolate Play Dough Activities

 Be sure to click the links or photos above to read the full posts to get all the details on how to make chocolate play dough, what materials we used and how to make the pretend chocolates.  We have had so much fun making these chocolates, and hope you do, too!!

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