Simple Science Projects for Kids

simple science projects

We love doing science projects at our house. Many of them are easy activities that are lots of fun for kids, and where learning is definitely a byproduct even if not the direct focus. There were several simple science projects for kids shared on the After School linky last week, so I am featuring

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Egg Drop Science Experiment for Kids

egg drop science experiment

My 3 and 5 year old children are really starting to get into science, especially FUN science. With Easter coming up, I thought an EGG DROP SCIENCE EXPERIMENT would be a big hit, and boy was it ever! We had so much fun and it was very much a child-led activity. It was also

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DIY Dominoes Bath Game for Kids

dominoes bath game

Lately my two children have been crazy over dominoes. We started out playing this wooden animal domino game and they’ve gotten so good at it, they can play each other independently without any help at all from me. So, I figured it was time to introduce them to real dominoes. Playing with the real

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Easy DIY Bath Tub Drawing Board

bath tub drawing board

Looking for a way to get your child excited about writing? Try this bath tub drawing board! It’s simple to set up and will motivate even the most reluctant writers. It’s also fun for kids who enjoy writing and drawing! This is a great way to get pre-writers interested in writing as well as

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DIY Alphabet Letter Cubes & Activities

alphabet letter cubes

Do you have a set of alphabet letter cubes? If you have young kids, I highly suggest you create a set. The alphabet letter cubes are very easy to make, you probably already have the materials on hand, and they encourage lots of play and learning! We made a new set this week using

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An Easy Way to Teach Shapes

easy way to teach shapes

Isn’t it great when learning can be FUN?!? Here is an easy way to teach shapes that kids will love! The materials are cheap, the set up is simple, and the learning is hands-on. This math activity is a great way to introduce shapes to kids, and also to use for practice and review.

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80+ Gross Motor Skills Activities from The PLAY Group

gross motor skills

Developing gross motor skills is an essential part of childhood! These skills are first acquired during infancy and early childhood, and they are continually built upon, improved, and better controlled throughout childhood and into adulthood. Gross motor skills come from large muscle groups and whole body movement. As part of a feature debut from

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Coconut Scented Writing Tray for Kids

coconut scented writing tray for kids

Do you remember that coconut L&L’s Oma brought for us? Well, it just keeps giving and giving. Who knew one coconut could equal so much fun and learning?? Today we’re sharing the coconut scented writing tray for kids we made!! It is so fun to use for writing and drawing practice and it smells

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Penguins – Play & Learning!


Welcome to The After School Party cohosted by Parent Teach Play, The Educators’ Spin On It, and Little Wonder Days. Be sure to check out our After School Pinterest board for lots of great activities for kids ages 5+. Thanks to all who shared at the After School Party last week! Be sure to

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Dr. Seuss Activities for Kids

dr. seuss activities for kids

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is coming up next month, so now is the time to start getting your Seuss activities for kids lined up! When I saw Debbie of Rainbows Within Reach was hosting a blog hop to celebrate, I just had to jump in. We are big Dr. Seuss fans here!! I am so

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