DIY Alphabet Letter Cubes & Activities

Do you have a set of alphabet letter cubes?  If you have young kids, I highly suggest you create a set.  The alphabet letter cubes are very easy to make, you probably already have the materials on hand, and they encourage lots of play and learning!  We made a new set this week using Unifix cubes and have already used them for a matching game and other activities.  In addition to giving your kids practice with the alphabet, they’re great for fine motor skills, too!

DIY Alphabet Letter Cubes & Activities!

alphabet letter cubes

Making Your Own Alphabet Letter Cubes

To make your alphabet letter cubes, you need a set of blocks or cubes that can connect.  We used Unifix cubes in red and blue for our letters, but we’ve also made a different set of alphabet letter cubes for making words using Lego Duplo blocks.  Both are great! To label the unifix cubes, I used my label maker and printed out one long strip of “A a B b C c…”  Then I cut the letters apart with scissors.  While I was doing this part, the kids were busily pairing two colors of blocks together; we chose to use red and blue.  As they’d finish pushing one red and one blue block together, they’d pass it to me to stick the letter stickers on.  I put uppercase letters on the blue and lowercase letters on the red. It took maybe ten minutes tops to make the whole set of letters, and probably even less!

alphabet letter cubes

If you don’t have a label maker, you can put stickers on the cubes and then label with a permanent marker or just write directly on the cubes.  I like the label maker option because the plastic label stickers that I used can be removed later if I decide we no longer want letters on our cubes.

Activity #1: Alphabet Letter Cubes Matching Game

The first game we played with our new set of Alphabet Letter Cubes was a matching game.

alphabet letter cubes

We pulled apart all the cubes and threw them into a pile. The kids turned all the letters face up and raced to match the correct uppercase and lowercase pairs. When they found a set that matched, they pushed the cubes together to connect them!

Activity #2: ABC Order Activity with Alphabet Letter Cubes

The second activity we did was an ABC order activity.

alphabet letter cubes

With all the letter pairs matched together, my oldest practiced putting all the letters in order from A to Z.  He made a tower of letters on the ground.  Another option would be to join all the cubes horizontally!

alphabet letter cubes

Activity #3: Alphabet Letter Cubes Memory Game

The third activity we did — and one my 5 year old came up with on his own — was to pick a number of pairs, pull them apart, mix them up, and put the letters face down.  Then the kids played a memory game, turning over one cube, and then another to see if they matched.  If they didn’t, both cubes went back in their places, but if the uppercase and lowercase letters matched, they pushed the cubes together and got to keep them!   These are just a few of the many, many activities you can do with these alphabet letter cubes.  One of the best ones is to just let your kids play with them. You just might be surprised at what they can come up with on their own!!

alphabet letter cubes

Unifix cubes are a choking hazard and are recommended for ages 3+; if your child still mouths toys, use Lego Duplo blocks instead and consider writing directly on the blocks.  Lego Duplo blocks are rated for ages 18 months and up. If you don’t have the time, materials, and/or desire to make your own set of alphabet letter cubes, there are some commercially available sets you can purchase like the Unifix letter cubes by Didax.

alphabet letter cubes

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Do you have a set of alphabet letter cubes?  What are your kids’ favorite letter cube activities?

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